Avoid Scholarscams!

The surest way to sink your ship is by falling victim to any sort of scholarship scam. With data breaches on the rise, cyber bullies are busy hacking into pockets of unsuspecting people. 

Keep your loot. The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim is to be alert for any of the following symptoms of a fishy prospect:

• The company charges fees to register.

• They ask for social security or other identifying information.

• They want you to buy a 50$ iTunes card (definite spam from a can scam) You'd do better rocking out to old school Duran Duran…

• anything out of the ordinary, such as redirecting to a different web page.

• The department of education is a federal organization, and the ending of the site is dot gov.

Report those Bullies!

Although you may do all the above, crooks are sneaky. But if you find information that suggests fraudulent behavior, report it to the police.